Together Everywhere

What’s going on?

Children are beams of light in communities across the world right now. But for the world’s most vulnerable kids - in refugee camps, conflict zones, and urban slums - social distancing and safe handwashing are almost impossible. 1.5 billion are out of school. Every child should be able to become whoever they want to be. Now’s the time to get together and change the future for good.

What do we want?

We need governments across the globe to work together and protect children through this crisis. To fight for their rights to stay safe, healthy, and learning, no matter what. And to help them build a better world when it’s over. Children need world leaders to:

  1. Contain the virus
  2. Help families get through this
  3. Keep children learning
  4. Protect every child

What can you do?

Join together everywhere < Forge an unbreakable chain of solidarity with children and their families across the world < Make world leaders take notice < Change the future

It’s a simple action, but it could have big consequences.

#TogetherEverywhere supports the #StrongerTogether campaign – joining forces across the world to make sure no one’s left behind by the coronavirus crisis

Contain the virus

Help families get through this

Keep children learning

Protect every child

Together Everywhere